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Agape Yoga Studio

At Agape Yoga Studio, you will find a place where all are welcome no matter what physical shape you think you might be. Our instructors are trained to guide you through asanas (poses), prana (breathing techniques) and savasana (meditation). This is the place to be, a place to come and stretch your body, ease your mind and enrich your soul.

Yoga is a form of meditation.

Yoga is a form of meditation. The benefits to the mind include increased clarity in thinking and greater ability to concentrate. Emotionally, regular practice of Yoga can decrease anxiety and depression, leading to a greater sense of vitality. It is an excellent form of stress management. Long-term practitioners of yoga frequently find themselves transformed.


Welcome to the Great Wall.

We are a unique studio that has invested in props for our students, the biggest prop being a specialized wall we use for yoga. During a wall yoga class, we use straps attached to hooks on a wall to assist students with their yoga practice. There are many benefits to wall yoga:

Hold poses longer, increase your strength, strengthen different muscle groups, improve flexibility and proper alignment, easily get into poses that may normally be difficult including inversions